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Closed 4th of July

1901 S Broadway, DENVER

We have the best consignment rates in town! 

Downhill Skis

Cross Country Skis

Downhill Ski Boots

XC Ski Boots


Snowboard Boots

Climbing Shoes

Climbing Harnesses

Climbing Belay Devices

Ice Climbing Gear

Fly Gear


Fly Rods



Ski Goggles

Ski/Snow Coats

Ski/Snow Pants

Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Casual Bikes

Bike Accessories

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Roller Skates



Paddle Boards


Life Preservers

Camp Stoves

Camp Blankets

Camp Chairs

Sleeping Bags

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Backpacking Tents

Car Camping Tents



Sleeveless Shirts

Hiking Shorts

Casual Shorts

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Outdoor Dresses

Yoga Pants

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Adventure Khakis


Insulated Coats


Hunting Clothing

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Winter Coats

Backpacking Bags

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Two-Way Radios

Outdoor Watches

Hiking Shoes

Hiking Boots

Trail Running Shoes

Snow Boots


Water Bottles

Brim Hats



We focus on selling quality products. And making consignment effortless. 


Established in Bozeman, Montana in 1988.

There is still a store in Bozeman, Montana. 

Operating in Denver as apart of a franchise since February 2023

Open 10am-6pm
Every Day
1901 S Broadway, Denver CO

Second Wind Sports Denver is Owned and Operated by Charlie Fay

Charlie - Owner

Charlie was raised in a Denver Colorado suburb about a 10 minute drive from the store location. This is the second successful business he has opened, the first being a Car Rental Company named Rover Rentals in Bozeman, Montana, where he met Brad, the owner of SWS Franchise. Charlie is very passionate about Second Wind Sports and the community minded, outdoor focused, and environmentally friendly vision it brings to Denver. Charlie Loves the outdoors and exploring new things. You will often see his family around the shop when you come to visit as they have been an integral part of the success of the company. Charlie is pictured here being a rock.

Since 1988

Second Wind Sports Bozeman has been operating for over 30 years!

In 1988, Second Wind Sports opened its first location in Bozeman, Montana, based out of an old, offbeat, little house on the north side. The store moved to a larger location just off of Historic main street in 1994 where it remains today. Second Wind Sports Bozeman has grown significantly in the last 6 years since Brad has taken over the company in 2017 and the Bozeman store continues to grow significantly every year with Brad as the main “employee.” Brad used to be the GM for ProLite Mountain Sports, he is also an expert climber and outdoorsman. He has been incredibly helpful in starting the Denver branch, and SWS Bozeman donates thousands to non profits yearly. 

In 2022 Second Wind Sports (SWS) franchised its first brick and mortar location in Fort Collins; there are now 4 franchised locations including Denver.

In 2023, February, Second Wind Sports Denver opened its doors. Located on the Growing area of South Broadway (SOBO), in a vibrant remodeled space with over 3100 sqft. Over 400 new apartments have opened or plan to open within 3 blocks of the store front over the next 1 year, or past 6 months (written Aug 2023). Lots of room for growth, you’ll have to check us out!

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Branches throughout the US


Consign with us! 

We sell quality used outdoor gear and clothing with the best consignment rates in town. We only sell on Consignment. Consignors get 65%-70% of sale price when sold. 65% of sale price for items sold under  $100 and 70% of sale price for items sold over $100.

Drop by anytime to consign, we do not currently take appointments. 

It normally takes about 5-10 minutes to set up an account and drop stuff off. We will sort through your things and take any item we think will fit in our store. Drop your things off and Charlie will price them out to be sold. If you have a specific price in mind you wish to sell the item at we will work with you.

We have very lenient consignment rules compared to most shops and even more favorable consignment rates. 

Our contract allows us to decrease the price by 10 percent after 60 days and to take over the item after a full year in the shop. You are free to take the item back after 30 days with no fees. There is a one time $5 fee to set up an account which is charged on the sale of the first item. If your item did not sell and you want to pick it up, you would have to pay that 1 time 5$ fee.

These consignment rates keep most of our revenue in the hands of the community consignors AND helps insure we get some of the best products!

To collect funds after the sale of your items. You can call into or stop by the store to notify us you would like to be paid out. The checks are written and signed on the following friday of when you notify us. Checks can be picked up in the store anytime that friday or anytime after that friday or they can be mailed for a couple dollars. Note if you call in on a friday we will write the check the following friday. 

10am – 6pm, Daily



2/27– We are taking Summer/Spring Clothing and Gear

We are now taking Bikes! Bikes must be in good, rideable condition, 

We no longer ever take Bike Clothing (no longer taking at all), Bike Shoes Only basically new bike shoes, Bike racks (only taking the newest models of these), Bike trainers (not taking at all). Skis with non-indemnified bindings unless very high of quality. Picky about ski boot sizes in general, espicaly Sizes. Only sizes 28 (Mens 9) and above.  


Secondwind is a traditional consignment shop where sellers receive check payment or in-store credit once their item sells. We pride ourselves on having the best consignment rates in town. Sellers receive 70% of the sale price for items over $100 and 65% for items under $100.

Our goal is to make consigning effortless. We are looking for quality gear and apparel (as well as new custom made products) for all seasons, ages, and outdoor activities.

Bring your clean, gently used items into our shop. We’ll get you set up with a consignment account (ID required), let you know what items we’ll take to consign, and work to get you out the door within a matter of minutes. There is a one-time $5 processing fee to set up an account, which is automatically deducted from your initial sale.

Gear with blemishes is of course OK to consign as long as it’s clean and fully functional, and you let us know any issues upfront so we can set the price accordingly. Please wash or gently clean items before bringing in to consign. This helps us out significantly as well as helps increase the sale price of your item.

The items we don’t take will be sent back with you. There is also an option to leave some items in our Free Bin if you do not want to take them home. The Free and relatively unregulated! After a certain amount of time that items are left in the free bin and no one takes them, we will donate or discard them. Call us at 720-607-8840 if you have any questions about your items!

As a local consignment shop, our focus is on being a community resource that makes it simpler, safer, and more convenient for you to sell your outdoor gear and apparel through us vs. an online marketplace, or better yet, discarding perfectly good reusable gear into the landfill. We are also very environmentally and community focussed!

We are locally owned by a Denverite who want to help keep good gear going strong, while improving access to the outdoors and the recreational activities the West has to offer.

If you can use it – or wear it – for biking, boating, skating, backpacking, running, hiking, skiing, climbing, glamping, at the park, for fly fishing, for travel, van life, around a campfire, etc. – and it’s in good shape – with a good brand –  then we’ll likely consign it. You can check us out on Instagram to get a feel for what we sell. Also check the list we have on the main page of our website! We are likely to take most items as we are a new store in Denver. Bring a handful of goods to the store or talk to us on the phone to know for sure. We do not normally take dirty or stained items AND brand is very important for intake most of the time. However there are exceptions. 

We are looking for high quality outdoor gear and functional, athletic, and casual wear that’s clean and in good working order. You can bring in a single puffy jacket, your old favorite pair of jeans, or a box load of bike or camping gear, etc.

We’ll go through it and accept everything we think is marketable. Our focus is on quality outdoor brands (like Patagonia, Marmot, Black Diamond , etc.) as well as lesser known local or independent manufacturers making quality gear.

Our pricing system is both art and science. We work to determine a market rate for each item based on age and condition, as well as seasonal demand and original retail cost. Our goal is to set price points so items bring you a fair return, yet move relatively quickly. We of course want our consignors to get as much as possible for their gear, but we also need it to sell and give good value to buyers.

If you have a dollar amount in mind that you’d like to get for your item let us know at the time of drop off and we’ll discuss.

Typically, however, consignors trust us to know or research the value of inventory and set the pricing when entering it into the system.

Sellers can call, or swing by the shop anytime during business hours to see what items have sold and how much money you have on your account.

Sellers can request payment and checks will be printed every Friday morning. Sellers can come pick the check up in person or request to have the checks mailed to them. During the early stages of our business we print checks anytime you come into the shop or give out cash if there is enough. Normally there is not enough cash on hand to pay directly. We currently also offer Venmo payments for certain out of city Consignors, however this option is not always available.

Alternatively, you can leave the balance on your account and use as in-store credit the next time you are in the shop. That balance never expires and is transferable to anyone you authorize on your account for in-store use. ID required to use store credit or pick up a check.


For all in-store purchases, Second Wind Sports has an All Sales Are Final policy since condition is not fully noted on the tag, we would not know if an item had been used, and consignors are paid out after their item sells. Imagine consigning an item with Second Wind Sports to find it had been bought and returned in an unfavorable condition where it could not be sold at that price again. 

If an item is found to be defective, the buyer should notify us promptly (within 1 business day) and bring it back in and we’ll gladly work to resolve the issue.

When accepting consignment items we go through a fairly thorough inspection process and make note of any imperfections, which influences price.

We have 7 parking spots off Jewel Street and Broadway! On the side of the Store. And plenty of street parking nearby.

Each tag includes a brief description of the item, including color, brand, and the date the item was registered into our system and put out on the sales floor. Items that have been on the floor for over 60 DAYS are eligible for a 10% discount.  

Sellers are free to pick up their items anytime after 30 days (if it has not sold) if you would like to get it back or wait until a later date to consign it. 

Items that have not been picked up or sold for ONE YEAR or more are to be property of Second Wind Sports. Second Wind does not automatically take over the products immediately after the one year mark. Most likely the products will stay on the floor at the same price point and consignment rate. Second most likely, the items over a year may be marked down. We need these policies in order to manage inventory. 

To save space, some seasonal items such as larger boating or ski equipment may be put into storage until the time of year that those items are in higher demand. You can always call or come in and ask about your items